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11/7/10 01:44 am - Fic: Hero

Title: Hero
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Tifa, Cloud
Words: 566
Summary: Tifa doesn't like what she sees.

She didn't approve )
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11/15/09 05:23 pm - A Voyage of Night 2/?

Title: A Voyage of Night
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Sephiroth, Angeal
Rating: G
Warnings: AU!
Word count: 632
Summary: Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
Note: I decided to continue it!

The stones don't gossip )

11/15/09 05:20 pm - A Voyage of Night 1/?

Title: A Voyage of Night
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Cloud, Zack, Genesis
Rating: G
Warnings: AU!
Word count: 1038
Summary: Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
A/N: This came out better than I hoped and was due the Fifth as well, apologies.

Out for a walk )

11/15/09 05:16 pm - Guardian Spirit

Title: Guardian Spirit
Characters: Yazoo, Kuja
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of death
Word count: 372
Summary: It wasn't often he saw someone prettier than himself
A/N: This one was due the fifteenth. Last one for the moment, hopefully the last few will be done soon.

The dead watch )
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11/15/09 05:11 pm - Fetching

Title: Fetching
Fandom: FVII
Pairing: Zack/Cloud + Sephiroth
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of sex
Word count: 378
Summary: He went to get Zack, but ended up paying closer attention to other things.
A/N: Was due on the ninth for: voyeurism - He just wanted to know what all the fuss was about

curiosity )

11/15/09 05:08 pm - Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul, Final Fantasy VII (Aeris/Cloud)
Title: Fractured Soul
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word count: 251
Summary: She knew that behind those glowing eyes and that familiar uniform, there was a broken mind, a fractured soul, and a shattered heart.
A/N: This one was due the Seventh.

She saw things )
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11/15/09 05:01 pm - Lost to a Hero

Title: Lost to a Hero
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: G
Warnings: Crazy Seph
Word count: 535
Summary: power games – “No more terrible disaster could befall your people than for them to fall into the hands of a Hero.”
A/N: This one was due the fifth. This was the one that finally kicked my muses into letting me write everything else. So sorry for the delay!

Sephiroth had his own view on ruling. )

11/15/09 04:50 pm - Shades of Black

Title: Shades of Black
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: G
Warnings: Morbid topics implied?
Word count: 630
Summary: He knew he wasn't convincing him, but he wanted to try.
A/N: For the prompt on the third: bodypainting or inkbrushing - This gunman was a marked man now. Forgive me for the delay!

Bodypainting )

11/15/09 04:38 pm - Boot Polishing

Title: Boot Polishing
Fandom: ffvii
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word count: 262
Summary: The way Zack was eyeing his boots made him a little nervous
A/N: I know this was due on the first. I just clawed my way free of my first real case of writers block. This is the first of several prompts, hopefully I get caught the rest of the way up in the next day or two.

His boots )

10/26/09 04:42 pm - Good Gods

Everyone forgive me! I had... gods I never knew writers block was like that! You just can't type when it happens can you? No matter the ideas flying around like crazy.

But, I got the first chunk of my [info]areyougame prompts done today.

Boot Polishing. Final Fantasy VII (Zack/Sephiroth)

Shades of Black, Final Fantasy Seven (Vincent/Yazoo)

Lost to a Hero, Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth/Rufus)

A Voyage of Night, Final Fantasy VII (Genesis/Zack/Cloud+Seph/Angeal hints)

Fractured Soul, Final Fantasy VII (Aeris/Cloud)

Fetching, Final Fantasy VII (Seph/Zack/Cloud)

Guardian Spirit, Crossover: FFVII:AC/FFIX (Yazoo/Kuja)
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9/14/09 10:49 pm - Nations - Expectations

Title: Expectations
Arc: Nations
Fandom: FF7
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud
Words: 604
Rating: G
Warning: The AUness!
Arc summary: It's an alternate universe where Sephiroth is a king, while Zack, Cloud, Vincent, and Rufus are his harem slaves, who he has renamed as gems.
Note: smokyglass (of LJ)'s long involved comment made me pause and think, then reread all my old chapters of this. At which point you finally get a new chapter. Thank you for your enduring patience with me.

Of conversations )

7/25/09 04:59 am - The Line 1/?

Title: The Line
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Tseng, Reno
Words: 632
Notes: Worksafe, very possibly the first part of a series as I've had this floating around a while.
Summary: Soldiers aren't the only ones that fell prey to mutations when Hojo was around.

Violent thoughts. )

7/21/09 04:08 pm - A Tilt in the World

title: A Tilt in the World
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Sephiroth, Rude, Genesis
Words: 704
Notes: This is a completely and totally AU er, thing. I woke up with this literally in my head because I dreamed up this scene, and connected the dots with several other scenes that I was struggling to put into something coherent so that I can share it with all of you. Basically, it's a world where, instead of going to Hojo like an idiot, Vincent went to his Turk leader and talked him around to helping him deal with the issue to get his son back just after the Jenova project began to be done on Lucretia. Lots of other stuff happened too, but lets just say that Shinra pissed off his Turks, then a smaller unit, and they uh, took charge of the whole thing. Thus, this fic. Enjoy.

I know the note was way long )

7/10/09 02:09 am - Begun Broken 3/?

Title: Begun Broken
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth
Word Count: 739
Rating: Work Safe
Summary: Zack met Cloud in the worst of circumstances, and sometimes, there's just nothing you can do.

And then Zack lost something.... someone. )

7/9/09 09:28 pm - In Retrospect

Title: In Retrospect
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Zack, musings on others
Words: 643
Notes: I had a random observational thought and Zack decided to run with it.

It was a SOLDIER thing. Mostly. )
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6/14/09 06:05 pm - The Right Thing 1/?

Title: The Right Thing
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Cloud
Words: 559
Warnings: Time Travel
Notes: Cloud isn't given a choice, he's just carried off to when he needs to be. Problem is... What does he do now?

Echoing words )

2/15/09 12:49 am - Ruined Dream - Echoes (aka part 2)

Title: Ruined Dream - Echoes (aka part 2)
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Seph, Zack, Cloud
Words: 731
Notes: I wasn't expecting to continue this particular story, but here we are.

Waking up in an old place )

2/7/09 04:17 pm - Fic: Ruined Dream

Title: Ruined Dream
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Aeris, Seph, Zack, Cloud
Words: 408
Notes: It's a very dark little story, for [info]aikonamika as per her prompt.

Gift of sight )

1/22/09 08:45 pm - The Round Robin (anyone's welcome!)

Okay guys, here's the rules. The comments (ones not, well, comment comments) from you guys will be parts of this story. As long as you can fit it in one comment, you're golden. The comment directly above you goes right before you in terms of how the story goes. The one right after you goes after. You can go as often as you want, but try to jab other people into going between your posts eh? Pretty simple.

Final Fantasy Seven (yes you can use characters from any of the games/movies/Whatever else there is of FF7 for this) only! If we bring in crossovers at least one person participating will end up super confused. Any pairings welcome, and if your part has something that might squick someone, put it in your comment title. Also, guys, go as AU as you want, just try to keep everyone IC, okay?

And now, we begin!

Title: The Round Robin
Fandom: FF7
Characters: ????
Word Count: ????
Authors: ????

Things were just not going well today. He had managed to rip his pants, they'd been his favorites, drop his sword at an angle to leave a massive gouge in his shoe, and spill his lunch tray all over one of his commanding officers.

He'd only been up an hour.

He kind of dreaded what this would mean for later in the day. Like, say, after range practice.

Or during his date later.

Nodding to himself, he turned a corner and slammed right into someone's chest.

"And just what are you doing?"

1/13/09 08:00 pm - An old Seph art revamped

Title: Fading away from it all
Character: Sephiroth
Note: This is a picture I drew just -ages- ago. When the net was down. This one And I colored it today, ironically, because my net was down. Oddly, coloring it seems to have made the Seph look a ton less tired than he did in the original.

Tada!! )
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